Cyber Security Contractors & Interim Staffing

We have a number of cyber security contractors payrolled and available for urgent and interim deployment


We have access to a huge network of cyber security contractors in the UK and Europe, many of which are currently sub-contracted on projects by Ferris Slater.

Managed Service

Once deployed, we managed all time-sheets, admin, reporting, AWR regulations and more. Simply pay a monthly invoice based on the agreed day rate.

Urgent Deployment

We’re constantly in contact with contractors looking for their next assignment. Many of our clients have urgent requirements and turn to us to have a contractor on-site the very next day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose interim or contract recruitment solutions?

Hiring a cyber security contractor can be much cheaper than looking for a permanent employee if you have project based work or need urgent cover. If your business workload fluctuates, then having a cyber security contractor instead of a permanent employee can offer expenditure protection

How does it work?

Our clients win project-based business or need urgent interim cover. They engage with Ferris Slater and we take a brief. We engage with our cyber security network and have telephone or face to face interviews setup within 72 hours. Client selects the most suitable contractors and when they should be deployed.

Ferris Slater invoice the client once a month with the invoice amount based on the days worked multiplied by agreed day rate.

We take care of timesheets, admin, reporting, and contractor management.

How much does it cost?

Day rates depend on the contractor needed and the expected rate of the contractor. We can provide quotes  and the market rate for the expected work which needs to be delivered. We add a nominal service charge for the administration and sourcing service which is added to the day rate.

What time-frames are involved?

Normally we require 48 hours to arrange contractors to be on-site, depending on your situation and requirements.
We have previously supplied contracts the next working day with our most trusted clients who move quickly.
Should you wish to be stringent with the contractors you choose, then up to 4 weeks is normal.

What contractors do you provide?

We provide contractors accross the full spectrum of cyber security. From interim CISO’s & SOC Analysts, to GDPR/ISO Practitioners & Disaster Recovery professionals.

How do we contact you?

You can contact either Jonathan Slater (Managing Director) or Sean Gray (Head of Cyber Security) to arrange an exploratory call;

[email protected]

[email protected]


For more information about our services, please visit our contact page.

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