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Results Only Work Enviroment
Results Only Work Enviroment
Profit Share & Financials
Profit Share & Financials
Perks and Benefits Package
Perks and Benefits Package

Our Culture

Results Only Work Environment

  • Work where you want, when you want.
  • No set hours, no set office location, unlimited paid holidays and complete autonomy.
  • Employees are judged on results, not old-school KPI’s.
  • All our employees are treated like adults and we trust they will deliver on what really matters

Changing Your Life

Integrate Work & Life

We give you the infrastructure to work to your strengths, no desk is the same. Work from home or join your local office hub for 3 days a week. Forget the buzzwords of ‘flexitime, co-working, and tele-commuting’, take both work and life with you wherever you go.

Profit Share & Remuneration

Profit Share
Profit Share Details

Profit Share

  • Receive 25% profit share on any profit your desk generates.
  • All profits across your desk treated equally, from £1 through to £500k
  • Flat, uncomplicated, transparent, & rewarding structure

Accumulated Milestone Bonuses

Extra bonuses to be paid out on top of profit share when surpassed

Milestone Bonuses Desktop
Salary & Shares


How We Compare
The average salary for a Recruitment Consultant in the North of the UK is £21,500. Our salaries start from a minimum of £25,000 making sure you have a stable base to grow from.

Shares & Partnership

Becoming a Partner
Select employees will be eligible to buy partnership into Ferris Slater and hold a % of equity which is set for explosive growth. We want to share the journey with the people who can push us even further.

Our Benefits

Our Twelve Perks & Benefits

  • £2,000 Home Office Grant
  • Christmas Bonus of 2 Week’s Salary
  • Unlimited Paid Holiday
  • Bi-Annual Secret Vacations
  • Private Healthcare Insurance
  • Bi-annual Working Holidays
  • £2,000 Car Allowance
  • Extended Maternity & Paternity Pay
  • Modern Ultrabook and high-spec business phone
  • Fitness Allowance
  • Training & Personal Development Investment
  • Team Building Days and gatherings

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